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Essentials For Coworking Conference Room Design and Equipment

. 3 min read . Written by Michelle Cadieux
Essentials For Coworking Conference Room Design and Equipment

Conference rooms should take up a fair amount of space on your floor plan. But not too much, as you hopefully learned in our previous articles on floor plan optimization.

That said, even if your space is on the smaller side, you will need at least a conference room or two.

Conference rooms are not only a source of revenue but space where creative sparks fly and collaboration happens.

Some conference rooms might be much “smarter” and more sophisticated in terms of tech than others. However, if you strip down all the fancy hardware and gadgets some design essentials remain.

Which is exactly what this article will help you with: Basic conference room design.

With this article, you will learn some key tips to keep in mind when designing meeting rooms for your coworking space.

Tip 1: Conference rooms should never feel crowded

According to a helpful article by Robin, a leading software for meeting room booking, the number one rule of design - conference rooms should never feel crowded.

This all starts with the right sized table. It’s common for first-time space owners to overshoot and purchase a table that is way too big for the room.

The table is the focal point but doesn't need to fill up the entire room. Always leave enough space around the table for secondary seating and for people to easily walk around the parameters of the conference room.

Tip 2: Choose the right screen

The screen will be the other main center focus of the conference room, so make sure that you buy a screen of an appropriate size.

A great deal of valuable time can quickly be lost trying to set up conference room equipment. Make sure that all the necessary adapters are supplied so your members can easily plugin and get to work. Alternatively, you can go wireless with an Apple TV or Google Chromecast device.

Tip 3: A whiteboard and markers are always useful

This might not seem like the most tech-advanced conference room accessory, but you’d be surprised how many companies and teams appreciate a good old fashioned whiteboard for brainstorming.  A more sophisticated and durable alternative is a glass table, they work with the same dry erase markers, and no one has to get out of their seat!

Tip 4: Display Wi-Fi information

Your members will likely be hosting guests in these conference rooms. As a result, it's useful to display the guest Wi-Fi logins and passwords in the conference room to avoid any time wasted trying to figure out how to log onto the Wi-Fi network.

In Summary

Don’t over complicated conference room design. A great meeting room simply needs to be practical and balanced.

Be mindful of the size of the table, make sure there is enough space for people to move freely, and provide your members with basic display equipment and adapters so they can go from talking to presenting seamlessly with as little friction as possible.

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