Billing & Payment

Reduce your work by automating billing and payment.

Archie is built around a strong billing infrastructure to automate invoicing routines and collect payment faster.

Automate your billing

with your own rules.

Set up billing rules and let Archie do the rest. Invoicing rules are based on different variables like worker type, specific plans, and more. Set up automatic payment reminders, or send bulk invoices.
Set up invoicing rules
Send bulk invoices
Set up automatic payment reminders

Accept online and offline payment.

Collect payments on your invoices faster by enabling online payment and auto-charge. Configure which payment options are allowed for each type of client to decrease your overall bank fees.


Online payment & ACH


Sync your invoices with your accounting software.

Automatically maintain up-to-date records between Archie and your accounting software to save time. We support native integrations with Quickbooks Online and Xero. We also provide in-depth exportable accounting and transaction reports for maximum accuracy.

Unpaid invoices & Payment failures that don't fall through the cracks.

If payment fails, staff and clients are automatically notified. Automatic overdue reminders are configured by you when invoices aren't paid on time, so you don't have manual work & you get pay faster.

Edit your invoices and credit notes on the fly.

Invoices and credit notes are fully customizable and can be edited with just one click. No time is wasted creating items before adding them to your invoice and credit notes are auto-generated from the invoice if needed.

See when invoices

are opened.

No more follow-ups required. Instantly know when invoices have been opened, when and how much time.

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all sizes to streamline their operations.

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Billing and payment

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