Lead management

Offer your prospects fast and simple sales processes.

We help serve your prospects quickly and professionally. For the best first impression that also drives your conversion rate.

Let your prospects in directly

from your website.

Allow your prospects to consume all services, products, and space inventory without friction. With our external sales flows, potential members can access your office space inventory and buy products online. Accounts are created automatically and without requiring assistance from your staff.
Plans & Day Passes
Conference rooms
Services and products

Create sales quotes linked to your store, or from scratch.

Once your prospects finish the tour, Archie lets you create a quote directly from your store item or from scratch. Send it over to your prospects to seal the deal.

Customer side quote approval

Send quotes to your clients via email in a few clicks, allowing them to accept directly from their mailbox after the tour.

Contracts & document submission.

Request contracts to be signed and Archie's documents to be submitted after your prospects accept their quotes.

Turn quotes into billable contracts.

Once your quote as been approved, simply click on the submission button and Archie will create the accounts, assigns the memberships, make the right booking and bill your clients even months, so your work is minimal.

Continue to explore how Archie helps flexible spaces of

all sizes to streamline their operations.

Building Experience

Room booking, In-space store, mailing service, issue reporting, check-in, payment, events, space directory, news feed, building notifications, deals

Billing and payment

Automatic invoicing, accounting integration, credit notes, billing rules, deposits, multi-currency, online payment & ACH, invoice tracking, financial reports

Lead management

Website forms, quoting engine, approval flow, contract submission, document request, quote converter, attribution

Analytics and reports

KPIs, revenue, invoice, payment processing, event attendances, lead and space usage analytics, multiple time frame view, report exports, custom filters

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