Member management

Get your customer relationship game on point.

Member information, data and interactions are centralized all in one place, driving success for your support team.

Be fast and effective on your support.

Make A difference.

Provide timely support to your customers and resolutions to any issue that arises. Archie keeps track of everything, and helps you act fast.

Organized from day one.

Archie takes care of organization for you. Client requests are tagged and classified when submitted, so your team can tackle them with ease.

A minimal and clean interface

Thanks to its clear design, Archie is built for pain-free use right out of the box. What's better than a powerful software with a steep learning curve.

A 360 view into your Personal and Business accounts.

With things like your memberships, space bookings, invoices, contracts, smart alerts, notes, and reminders on an intuitive interface, everything is sorted quickly.

Be smart and collaborative about ticket handling.

Never let a request slip through the cracks. Offer your members support on the channel they prefer. Handle requests right from the chat or through your ticketing system in the Help Desk.

Assignation rules

Set up assignation rules for tickets and

have them routed the the right support

staff member.


Address requests via chat or through your ticketing system for convenience.


Multiple support staff can collaborate on

any requests for speedy resolution.

Automate your space with contract & membership management.

Assign membership agreements in a single click. At the end of the term, let them contract expire, extend the leasing period or change the rate to match the new deal. From the start to the very end of your member's stay, Archie automates everything.

Send trigger-based automated emails & in-app notifications.

Nobody is left in the dark with our multi-channel notification system. You can customize the notifications templates and we let you know who has seen it and when.

Continue to explore how Archie helps flexible spaces of

all sizes to streamline their operations.

Building Experience

Room booking, In-space store, mailing service, issue reporting, check-in, payment, events, space directory, news feed, building notifications, deals

Billing and payment

Automatic invoicing, accounting integration, credit notes, billing rules, deposits, multi-currency, online payment & ACH, invoice tracking, financial reports

Lead management

Website forms, quoting engine, approval flow, contract submission, document request, quote converter, attribution

Analytics and reports

KPIs, revenue, invoice, payment processing, event attendances, lead and space usage analytics, multiple time frame view, report exports, custom filters

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