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With nearly 11,000 licensed HR professionals, the Order of Human Resources Consultants (CRHA) is the gold standard in employee management practices. It protects the public and contributes to advancements in the field of human resources, and through its public interventions, plays a major role in influencing the landscape of work in Quebec. The CRHA thus plays an active role in maintaining the balance between the success of organizations and the well-being of employees.


At the forefront of new workplace trends, the CRHA immediately understood that the future of work was hybrid, and as the COVID-19 reached its peaked, they knew the future was now.

What the organization lacked but desperately needed in order to move forward was to understand the data and statistics of their office. They needed space usage and office attendance analytics so that they could transform the office space based on data to ensure that their workspace was optimized for success moving forward.

Naturally, they knew they would need a friction-less desk and room booking experience for their members. They wanted a scheduling platform that fluidly connected with their Google Workspace to avoid having to introduce new unnecessary and complicated workplace processes. Essentially, they were on the hunt for a software that would seamlessly service their employees.


The CRHA then reached out to Archie to help them achieve their goals.

Archie assists them in understanding their space usage by offering better office data with real-time tracking of desk and room usage through performance and analytics. Using our workspace insights to guide their decisions, they can try out different hoteling setups in a few clicks before landing on a final optimized layout.

Moreover, with Archie, the organization can give their team the freedom to be productive where, when and how they need to be. Our interactive floor mapping tool lets employees and members find and reserve desks and spaces through a simple click directly from our mobile or desktop app. Using check-ins for each booking gives the Order valuable office attendance data and ultimately helps them reduce no-shows and underutilize space.

Lastly, to ensure that the user experience is as smooth as possible, it was paramount that the CRHA’s Google calendar, communication groups, and auto-populated contact list in their accounts be instantly synced and accessible on the reservation software.

Archie is able to provide this in-depth integration of their Google accounts and existing internal reservation processes to our scheduling software. The secure bilateral communication between both allows them to operate seamlessly as one, thus elevating the user-experience.

The shift to a hybrid work culture seemed like a big undertaking initially. With Archie, the order of CRHA is able to make the transition smoothly and without sacrificing any of their requirements thanks to our fully customizable scheduling software.



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