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A fully integrated client lifecycle management

Streamline your customer lifecycle management, from lead conversion to automated leasing contracts and more.

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Customize offerings

Highly customizable plans, products, and day passes

Provide various membership options, from day passes to weekly and monthly plans. Gain greater insights and increase your conversion rate

Tailored offerings

Offer ready-to-buy hot desks, dedicated desks, closed office membership plans, conference rooms, and in-building marketplace credits

Frictionless sales process

Embed our streamlined self-serve e-commerce system to sell your products and services from your website

Reduced churn risks

Identify expiring contracts, visualize churn risk and make data-driven decision on how to reduce it

Analytics reporting

Run reports on your product catalogue to understand core analytics like subscription patterns, LTV, churn, & contract length

Leads and proposals

Manage leads & proposals

Grow your business by streamlining sales inquiries & creating proposals

Comprehensive and customized proposals

Use the product library to consolidate service offerings and pricing in one place, create custom proposal templates in minutes

Close new deals & opportunities faster

Proposals that are accepted are automatically converted into a contract with an invoice attached

Keep your sales pipeline in check

Get better insights on which proposals need follow-ups, & get notified as soon as a deal closes

Give your client a plethora of options

Provide your leads with options. Send them different proposals with various terms to choose from

Automated contracts

Automated advanced contracts

Let your members pick from a wide-range of contract types and automate the contract management process entirely

Customized various contracts types

Create contract templates for potential members. Add additional services to any membership, license, or lease agreements

Automated contract e-signature

Make it easy for your prospects to receive and sign their contracts online at the point of sales or on your own agenda

Monitor contract lifecycles

Monitor your contracts' lifecycle. Archie lets you easily view an account's history and which agreements are new, renewed, pending, or terminated

Ensure tracking & security with our audit trail

All contracts signed provide you with a secure audit trail containing the IP address, the document unique identifier, and time-stamps

Plenty more client lifecyle managment features

Packed with foolproof coworking features to cater to your specific needs

Multi-location access

Allow members to have or to not have access to different spaces depending on their plan

Printing quota

Make printing quotas available to members based on their contract type

Segmented pricing

Create different client segments based on contract types, each with their own pricing

Automate everything

Archie takes care of prorating plans for you so that you can focus on growing your sales

Assign tasks

Assign tasks to your staff manually or through triggers for better operations

Prorated charges

Archie takes care of prorating contracts for you so that you can focus on growing your sales

Multi time frame view

Get an in-depth overview of different timeline projections. Test out different scenarios and optimize your space

Analytic & reporting

Track and understand KPIs, revenue, event attendances, leads and more


Connect other tools for even better workflows

Google calendar

Enable real-time two-way calendar syncing between Archie and your calendars


Synchronize invoices and payments for easy bookkeeping


Charge printing automatically and control printing allowances


Connect Archie and thousands of other 3rd party apps

Salto KS

Grant and remove door accesses automatically and get rid of physical keys

Security & Compliance

Robust security for trouble-free coworking space management

Enjoy an unmatched user experience with Archie's highly secure, extensible coworking space management system

Data storage and encryption

Archie is hosted on GCP with the best certifications including ISO 27001 and SOC


Reliability is crucial to us and we strive to a 99.9% uptime, as we regularly monitor it

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy states that we will never sell any data, and we will not contact your visitors or employees without explicit permission


We understand the importance of compliance features and are dedicated to providing you them to you for your business strategies.

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Room & Desk Booking

Seamless cross-platform booking flows


Community Experience

Exceptional member experience


Visitor Management

Visitor and check-in management


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