An engaging community experience

Nurture your coworking space community and grow your engagement with Archie.

A vibrant community

Nurture a vibrant community that members love

Archie provides a comprehensive and centralized experience to help keep your community connected.

Let members look each other up

Allow your members to connect easily from wherever they are with the online member's directory.

Daily space updates & news

Maintain a workplace newsfeed and keep residents engaged with your space.

Promote important announcements

Send push notification or emails to communicate important things happening at each location.

In-app chat & messaging

Let users connect in real-time with instant messaging right from the app or the web member portal.

Better event management

Host events in your space and boost member experience

Utilize Archie's member app to keep members and non-members up to date with upcoming events and networking opportunities in your space.

In-app event planning

Plan events right from the app and allow members to register attendance on the spot.

Eliminate ticket sale fees

Archie lets you sell tickets right from your website or mobile app to avoid overcharge fees from third-party seller.

Measure attendance

Use the app's data and analytics to understand member engagement and participation for each event.

Post-event engagement

Showcase photos and event highlights on the community feed after an event to create more engagement and encourage future participation.

In-building experience

The best-connected coworking experience for your members

Cultivate a sense of connection and service by providing more freedom to your clients through the member app.

Branded store

Archie's back-end helps you easily create your fully branded online store on your own terms so members can easily purchase products, services, and more.

Member support access

Members can issue tickets on the app and get access to immediate live support to help them resolve their issue.

Invoice payment

Members can easily view and pay their invoices and outstanding payments from the web or mobile app.

Mail and building notifications

Residents are notified when mail or packages are at the front desk and get building notifications when it matters

An unparalleled workspace experience for members

Archie's suite of apps gives you exactly what you need to provide your members with a top-tier, unparalleled digital experience that makes you stand out.


Discover the Archie effect

Read about the organizations that have found success with Archie across the globe.

The bureau

Using smart automation features, The Bureau was able to fully automate their invoicing and billing department with pre-authorized SEPA transfers and credit card payments, which removed a large portion of administrative burden, freeing up time for them to focus on their top-tier, premier customer experience.

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Archie’s interface also permitted tight control of administrative permissions to limit the staff's access to their respective locations to avoid mistakes or mix-ups and keep each location secure.

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Revamping the reservation process entirely, Archie created a better checkout process for the collaboration space by offering clients the option of a guest checkout which helped reduce the friction of having to remember login information for one-time or infrequent visitors.

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Billing and Payment

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