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About the company

A pioneer of premium coworking experience, The Bureau first opened its doors in the fall of 2016. Since the launch of their first space, located at the heart of the golden triangle in Paris, they encountered continuous success, leading them to open 4 subsequent large locations across the city.

The Bureau's objective is to establish signature sites where today's leaders can meet those of tomorrow in their markets in settings that foster dialogue and inspiration.

Positioning themselves as a leader in ushering a new way of working in current times with elegant, efficient, and user-friendly spaces, The Bureau beautifully combines the worlds of luxury and functionality with their comprehensive range of dedicated services.


In order for The Bureau to provide its members with a working environment in which their projects can flourish, they needed a robust management software that would support their multi-location business operations.

With high-end services and premium customer experience at the centre of their business model, the right management software for the coworking members needed to have the feel of luxury expected by its clientele as well as clever and efficient admin tools on the back-end.

Essentially, The Bureau wanted a platform that would facilitate everything from lead management, sending quotes and signing contracts, to invoicing and billing, for all 4 of their coworking spaces.

On the member side, it was imperative that the reservation features also reflected the premium experience of their brand and that they be able to access their membership privileges at any time, anywhere, for any of their locations.

Holding particular importance in the quality of their customer service and a strong sense of community, it was also non-negotiable for them that the chosen software be equipped with both on-the-go concierge access and a dynamic community hub to allow their members to maximize on their extensive catalogue of services including everything from restaurants and coffee shops, to sport centres and wellness areas.


Archie's intuitive multi-location management software quickly became the best option. Using smart automation features, The Bureau staff was able to fully automate their invoicing and billing department with pre-authorized SEPA transfers and credit card payments. In addition, Archie helped them automate the forwarding of quotes to potential members and the e-signatures of contracts which removed a large portion of administrative burden, freeing up time for them to focus on their top-tier, premier customer experience.

Through the use of Archie Mobile, guests are now able to book a space at any time right from their personal mobile app, which is connected to all 4 of The Bureau’s coworking spaces. Furthermore, real-time access to a concierge service is also available right from the app at the leisure of the members. Archie also helped The Bureau with creating a state-of-the-art community hub with extensive community building features where members can gather virtually, share knowledge, organize in-person events, and more.

With Archie, The Bureau is able to continue to fulfill their mission of providing high-quality services and creating engaging workspaces that foster a sense of connectedness and community for their members.



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