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How Archie helped At Workbase to operate efficiently

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Positioning themselves as a one-stop-shop for the community, At Workbase is a Montreal-based coworking space striving to offer a space in which members are free to focus on their endeavours.

Bringing business and startups closer together in what once was textile factory floors, Workbase’s flagship coworking space shares a vision of creating an environment where we can connect our community members rather than separate them and offers a wide range of services and spaces including hot desks, private and shared office spaces, common areas, conference rooms, phone booths, and even relaxation zones.


With a strong focus on providing a premium experience to their members, Workbase quickly realized they needed to adopt a better coworking management software than the one previously in place to help them in their endeavour. The right solution, amongst other things, would have a clean user-interface and powerful admin tools on the back-end.

Essentially, Workbase needed a platform that could seamlessly integrate with existing systems to help them manage everything from sending quotes and signing contracts to invoicing and billing. Because their business model offers different plans giving members other rights and access at different times, they were also looking for a scalable solution that allowed the creation of additional segmented group permissions. On the member side, it was imperative that the software be a user-friendly, one-stop-shop for all their reservation and add-on service purposes dotted with an interactive floor plan and map of the space.


Archie’s coworking management software quickly revealed itself as the best option. Using smart automation features, Workbase was able to fully automate their invoicing and billing department with pre-authorized bank transfers and credit card payments. In addition, Archie helped them automate the member acquisition process, from forwarding of quotes to potential members, to the e-signatures of contracts which largely reduced the friction of administrative tasks.

Moreover, using group and permission settings in Archie’s scheduling tool, Workbase’s admin team can easily manage different member groups and the resources available to each by separating them into their own segments.

Archie also helped Workbase create a better reservation process for their members. Booking spaces both from the website and the mobile app have since become a much more simple and pleasant experience for their users who can virtually navigate the space before booking a desk.

Since switching to Archie, guests can now experience friction-less booking of spaces at any time right from the app which can be accessed on their mobiles. Meanwhile, Workbase’s administration was able to shift their focus back on growing their business and the more important aspects of daily operations.



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