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Since 1996, Fondaction has helped Québecers prepare for retirement by offering affordable retirement savings to everyone. Based on the belief that doing things differently in the financial and business world is not only possible but necessary, the fund helps create and maintain quality jobs, contributing to a stronger, more equitable and greener economy.


The firm, a known leader in sustainable development and advocate for the transparency of business practices, recognized a shift in workplace culture moving towards a remote-first, hybrid corporate environment. Being the trailblazers they are, they knew the time to switch was now. That being said, Fondaction simultaneously was in the midst of relocating to a larger workspace and was temporarily operating out of a swing space which raised some concerns on the plausibility of going hybrid.

Evidently, given their situation, they needed a solution that could quickly be implemented with minimal disruption of daily business proceedings. Also, due to the nature of the firm’s operation, they knew that they would require a platform with a highly secure connection to protect confidential and data-sensitive information.

On the other hand, to provide their employees with the most fluid experience possible, they were also looking to have SSO connection and to have their Outlook calendars synced with the hot desk & meeting room scheduling app.


Understanding the time sensitivity of the task, Archie effectively and rapidly implements the hybrid work strategy and software. In just 1 week, Fondaction is ready to start using the hot desk management platform. Our user-friendly interface is well-received by their teams and our interactive floor plan showing when and where employees are in the office is showing great success across the entire organization.

To protect their data, Archie is proceeding with the integration under a service account rather than the usual admin account, which eliminates the risk of a security breach or data leaks without compromising the required smart integrations with their existing workplace systems. This makes it possible for Fondaction to have full, granular control of the data flow between the two apps.

Hand-picked permissions via their Microsoft 365 service account that allows them to maintain a seamless connection between the two without sacrificing security so that employees could benefit from SSO login via SAML in addition to real-time synchronization of their bookings and calendars.

Thanks to Archie, the financial organization trusted by Quebecers for more than two decades is able to speedily carry out the shift to hybrid work in spite of their internal constraints as well as those relating to the COVID-19 pandemic with success. With the help of Archie's dedicated onboarding team, the implementation process is a straightforward, headache-free experience. The solution, enthusiastically adopted throughout the company, is already showing improvements in workflow and operations, and continues to assist them in growing their success.



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