Visitor management system

How to streamline your visitor management operations

Streamline your visitor management process and impress your guests every time

Step 1: Pick the right visitor management system

Pick a visitor management system

The most important aspect of picking a visitor management system is its ease of use. Another aspect to consider is a system that can provide guest instructions and notify the host, while being able to track visitor inflow and outflows accurately.

Must-have features:
A visitor mobile & tablet app

A contactless visitor check-in option

Real-time host notifications

Visitor inflow & outflow logs

Step 2: Keep your workspace secure

Keep your workspace safe and secure

Keep time logs

Keep a log of arrival and departure times for all guests

Push health checkpoints

Set criteria for visitors to meet before they arrive on-site to keep your workplace safe

Review visitor inflows & outflows

Learn about visitor behaviour to identify busier days or possible security loopholes by checking your visitor inflow and outflow


Archie manages your visitor inflows & outflows

Archie's user-friendly platform and diverse features give you exactly what you need to provide a top-tier experience while handling your visitors with ease

Archie's coworking space management "Archie Kiosk" app with a check-in feature
Archie's coworking space management "Archie Kiosk" with a check-in confirmation
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Avison Young

Archie’s hybrid workplace strategy prioritized Avison Young’s unique and rapidly transforming goals in the process to ensure that the final product not only met their expressed requirements but that it was also perfectly tailored to the firm’s identity.

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Hydro Québec

With our platform, Hilo’s management is now able to effortlessly set up different roles and permissions to grant or deny access to certain employees all the while employees enjoy a premium user experience when booking a space.

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Archie understood that LANDR needed a hybrid work strategy that reflected the innovative and futuristic essence of the company and effectively tailored its solution to help them go entirely remote with fluidity.

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