Optimize your office square footage

Use workplace analytics & scale your business with data-driven decisions

Step 1: Track office usage

Track your space usage

To track usage effectively, you will first need a powerful desk and room booking software with analytics. However, to avoid inaccurate input, as your employees might book but not show up, it is paramount to enable a mandatory physical check-in functionality for all bookings, either through scanning a unique QR code or with a tablet app.

Step 2: Analyze your office usage

Analyze your office space usage

They are three main questions that organizations evolving under an hybrid model usually ask themselves over time: "Does my office fits my employees' current needs?", "What to do to match my headcount growth over time?" and "Who is not coming to the office when they should?". Your software's analytics features should help you answer these.

Must-have stats:
Room and desk usage rate

Employee office presence

Peak times

Total presence rate

Step 3: Optimize your layout

Optimize your office by understanding your layout & changing it

Once you understand the issues highlighted in the reporting, it will be easy to identify which part of your office doesn't make sense for employees' usage and find the right solution, such as modifying your layout or shifting to a hybrid workspace.

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Avison Young

Archie’s hybrid workplace strategy prioritized Avison Young’s unique and rapidly transforming goals in the process to ensure that the final product not only met their expressed requirements but that it was also perfectly tailored to the firm’s identity.

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Hydro Québec

With our platform, Hilo’s management is now able to effortlessly set up different roles and permissions to grant or deny access to certain employees all the while employees enjoy a premium user experience when booking a space.

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Archie understood that LANDR needed a hybrid work strategy that reflected the innovative and futuristic essence of the company and effectively tailored its solution to help them go entirely remote with fluidity.

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