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How Archie helped CFE fund go hybrid successfully


About the company

The CFE Fund, which was established in April 2012 at the New York Stock Exchange, provides funding and technical assistance to mayors and their teams in order to develop, launch, replicate, and test financial empowerment strategies.

The Fund's mission is to use municipal engagement to improve low and moderate income households' financial stability by integrating financial empowerment strategies into local government infrastructure.


Amidst the uncertainty of returning to work, one thing was certain for the team behind the CFE Fund; the office space they occupied was no longer large enough to accommodate assigned desks for the entire team. As the global workforce was on mandatory work-from-home order, the CFE Fund realized that, moving forward, they would shift to a hybrid work model.

First, they needed to conduct an employee survey to help them identify what different team members’ expectations were in regards to flexible work. The Fund then started looking for the right desk and room scheduling software to help them meet their goals.

An effective workplace management solution needed to support CFE’s newly devised flexible way of working. They knew they would need a system with an intuitive front-end for employees to reserve desks and meeting rooms from their mobile devices. The non-profit also had some concerns about the complexity of introducing a new workplace app and how they would integrate with their existing systems.


Archie’s management software ticked all of the CFE’s boxes and the two quickly partnered up to deploy the perfect hybrid work strategy.

Using the interactive map feature designed to look exactly like their New York office made it simple and straightforward for the Fund’s personnel to see exactly who’s in the office and where they are sitting, right from the Archie mobile app.

Furthermore, Archie was able to offer a smooth integration with SSO login to Microsoft 365 which, together with the seamless booking features, eliminated the friction of desk and room booking management and turned it into a premium user experience.

After having found success with Archie, the CFE Fund was able to shift their attention back to the more important aspects of their workday. Since implementing the strategy they devised together with Archie's dedicated support, the Fund has seen a noticeable increase in employee performance and well-being and is looking forward to a continuously better workplace future.



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