Coworking space operations

How to manage your coworking space efficiently

Archie offers all the features needed to seamlessly manage your coworking space

Step 1: Customer lifecycle management

Let clients buy from your website, automate contract signatures, & self-onboard

Must-have coworking software features:
E-commerce sales flows

Native e-signature capability

Automated onboarding


Step 2: Billing & payment

Automate your invoicing & payments and integrate your accounting software

Must-have coworking software features:
Automated invoicing & payment

Accounting software integrations

Automated payment reminder notifications

Credit card and ACH or Direct Debit payment

Step 3: Room and desk booking

Enable simple room, desk, and office bookings

Must-have coworking software features:
A browser, mobile and tablet display app

Pricing configurable by client segments

Easy booking flows for your website

Booking credits on rooms, desks and offices

Step 4: Community management

Build a vibrant workspace community

Must-have coworking software features:
Public community profiles

Event management

Browser & mobile member app

Announcements & messaging

A powerful enterprise-grade coworking management platform

Archie helps you operate your coworking space efficiently

Archie's user-friendly platform and diverse features give you exactly what you need to provide a top-tier, unparalleled client experience while streamlining your operations


An enterprise-grade platform your team will love

Archie's management software "book a room" display view with a floor plan
Archie Rooms

Add display tablets to your meeting rooms

Archie Rooms tablet app display sample view
Archie Mobile

Your workspace on the go

Archie's flexible office management Mobile app display sample view
Archie Kiosk app

Simplified visitor check-ins


Discover the Archie effect

Read about the organizations that have found success with Archie across the globe

The Bureau

Using smart automation features, The Bureau was able to fully automate their invoicing and billing department with pre-authorized SEPA transfers and credit card payments, which removed a large portion of administrative burden, freeing up time for them to focus on their top-tier, premier customer experience.

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Archie’s interface also permitted tight control of administrative permissions to limit the staff's access to their respective locations to avoid mistakes or mix-ups and keep each location secure.

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Revamping the reservation process entirely, Archie created a better checkout process for the collaboration space by offering clients the option of a guest checkout which helped reduce the friction of having to remember login information for one-time or infrequent visitors.

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Archie's management software "book a room" display view with a floor planArchie's flexible office management Mobile app display sample view